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How to Look Like a Marvel Supervillain | 8 Costume Ideas

Marvel Supervillain Costume Ideas

Okay, so you’ve finally decided not to be that typical pious Superhero personality because it’s too common, and everyone else is dressing up the same.

You’ve rather come up with an evil idea to become a Supervillain to create chaos by your wickedness. And you don’t want to lose the niche world of Marvel Universe either. That’s why you’re also looking for the nastiest villain character within it.

Well, if these facts exist, then stop hovering your cursor over the screen besides tapping the keyboard for further search. As we’ve got the best supervillain costume ideas from Marvel Extended Universe for you that we bet you can’t find anywhere else. So just scroll down!

1 – Thanos

Thanos Costume Idea

This is one of the most powerful supervillain characters in Marvel Universe that has gained a remarkable status by making his appearance in four successful Marvel movies, that are the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Therefore we’ve placed this supervillain at the top of our list.   

For this get-up, you’ll need these accessories to get the exact Thanos look.

Thanos Mask

The Thanos costume is incomplete without the fierce face that you can’t get through a makeup. So you’ve to get a nice mask that details the same features like scars on chin, broad jaw, and wrinkles on the bald head, like this one.

Thanos Leather Vest

A vest is another crucial part of this costume. We suggest you go for the leather vest that is crafted and stitched wisely to give you an elegant fitting.

Leather Trousers

The leather pants are the best lower wear choice with a leather vest. It’ll give you a stunning look. Besides, you could even reuse them as a party outfit. However, jeans would be a better choice, either.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos is nothing in absence of Infinity Gauntlet. And yes, you can’t ignore this weapon either.

Thanos Costume Shoes

Complete your suit by wearing a pair of costume inspired shoes. Or, if you want to spend your money cleverly, then buy a pair of plain long boots.

2 – Loki


When talking about the Marvel leading supervillains, how can one forget Loki? The stepbrother of Thor and an ambitious culprit of Throne! Surprisingly, many folks don’t relate him to a villain, though he still tops the list of Marvel supervillains.

Loki Costume

If you don’t want to conceal your identity by wearing any mask and still want to draw people’s attention, then dress like Loki. And we’ll tell you how you can do this!

Loki Trench Coat

If you intend to cosplay, then garb in the Loki’s medieval-style trench coat that distinguishes the character vividly.

Loki Costume tshirt

For Halloween, you can prefer a Loki’s costume inspired t-shirt as well.

Loki Leather Jacket

You can replace the tunic by this leather jacket that is made to fit the occasion as well as casual needs. Or, just wear this jacket with below leather pants or jeans.

Leather Quilted Pants Men

Wear these intricately designed quilted leather pants for an overall primitive ensemble. Conversely, to lessen the costume look, dress jet black jeans.

Loki Lower Hands Armor

Get a pair of these lower hands armor if you’re in a mood to spend more. Although, they’re not the essential part.

Loki Wig

Must get a wig if you do not have long hairs. Otherwise, you won’t be able to copy the exact look without this essential body feature. 

Medieval Shoes

The lowest part is the most noticeable part, and you can’t go wrong with it. The medieval-style long neck shoes are excellent shoe choice, but if you are wearing a t-shirt or leather jacket with pants, then complement your dress with plain boots.

3 – Venom


An outstanding villain right gauges the powers of a superhero. Even the superhero improves his supernatural skills in the wake of that dangerous villain’s history of barbarism. The relation between Venom and Spiderman is almost the same.

Venom Costume

If you’ve been playing a positive part of Spider-Man and have now decided to become a dirty soul, then get this role. The simplest way is to grab a costume as illustrated above, or else if you want to add chic in it, then check out these ideas.

Venom Jacket

A supervillain in style looks more inspiring than a superhero. You can wear this fashionable jacket with jeans, a plain t-shirt or leather pants to shape your badass villain personality.

Venom tshirt

Pair this Venom shirt with the Venom jacket to depict the Venom face from both sides.

Venom Face Mask

Half cover your face with this Venom face mask and add elegance in your attire.

Venom Shoes

Accessorize your clothing with the classy Venom shoes.

Venom Cap

Cover your head with this cap along with the mask and sunglasses to get a trendy biker look besides revealing your favorite supervillain. 

4 – Ultron


Surprisingly, this inhuman supervillain was created by Tony Stark to guard the planet as an independent peace force. Although, this A.I machine deceived its father and escaped using the internet. Because of the unusual creation of this supervillain, it has gained an epic figure among other Marvel supervillains.

Ultron Costume

If you’re a geeky tech nerd or an Ironman fan and this time wants to amaze others by your villainous appearance, try this idea.

Ultron tshirt And Mask

Be smart and get a stunning look by wearing an Ultron t-shirt and mask with your casual jeans. 

Ultron Gloves

As an add-on, you can wear these gloves as well.

Robot Shoes

We’ve picked these cool looking sneakers for you that would match both the color and theme of your clothing.

5 – Magneto


You must be familiar with this name if you know X-Men. This supervillain has a great power to generate a magnetic field and control the metals like iron in the human body to freeze people or to carry them. The amazing evil abilities of Magneto have made him able to sustain a prominent position in the Marvel Universe. So how can we miss this character!

Magneto Costume

Well, here is another brutal supervillain idea for you that you can copy easily without much effort.

Magneto Helmet

The most liked part of Magneto costume is its helmet, and that’s why we’ve started from it.

Magneto tshirt

This t-shirt details the same armor look with a color combination of red and purple that would magnify you in a crowd as a real Magneto.

Magneto tshirt With Comments

If you want to make your attire more impressive, then choose to wear this t-shirt.

Purple Jeans

Purple jeans are the best match to give you the costume inspired look. It’s because these jeans fit the color details of the costume.

Purple Gloves

You can also replace the Magneto’s armor gloves with these plain purple color gloves to give your casual style outfit a better look.

Red Sneakers

In the costume, the color of shoes is purple but since we’ve already chosen a purple color for pants, therefore we suggest you wear red color shoes that would display a better contrast with your jeans.

6 – Killmonger


Here comes another famous Marvel Supervillain character who spent his entire childhood planning to revenge his father’s death. Many people find this evil soul innocent, and they think that the tragic death of his family immensely suffered his childhood. Well, no matter what reasons were responsible for his negative role, we know one thing that the Marvel Universe has many Avengers but no other better revenger than him.

Killmonger Costume

The costumes of Killmonger, as well as Black Panther, are almost similar from top to bottom. There is a little difference in the pattern between them. The Killmonger costume has a golden pattern, and therefore it is called “The Golden Jaguar” suit.

Killmonger Mask

Like most supervillain costumes, this costume is undoubtedly incomplete without a mask. That’s why there is no exception to that.

Killmonger Necklace

Instead of searching for the costume style shirt, we suggest you buy a golden necklace that will give you a more classic look.

Black tshirt Men

With the golden necklace, wear a plain black t-shirt or a full black sleeve round neck shirt. Or, if you favor a costume design t-shirt then do not buy a necklace.  

Shiny Golden Pants Men

For a nice contrast, we’ve selected these shiny golden pants that would give you an overall stunning appearance.

Jaguar Sneakers Men

We have taken the idea of the jaguar skin sneakers from the costume name, which is “The Golden Jaguar.” You can also wear white, black or brown shoes to replace this one.

7 – Red Skull

Johann Schmidt Red Skull

Red Skull was a Nazi general officer and a close companion of Adolf Hitler. The superb list of Marvel supervillains can never be complete without this cruelest character who may have fewer superpowers than most supervillains. Although, his association with Hydra and a commitment to spread genocide has always alarmed the Marvel Superheroes.

Red Skull Toy

As you can see, the Johann Schmidt (Red Skull) costume is actually a vintage style of military clothing. So all you need for this outfit is a perfect Red Skull mask, trench coat, hand gloves, boots, and a replica revolver.

Red Skull Face Mask

Don’t cover your face with a skull mask. Use this half cover facemask to let the people know who is a Nazi among them. 

Red Skull Mask

If you do not satisfy with the facemask and want to hide your face entirely, then get this mask.

Red Skull Trench Coat

This one is the perfect trench coat that Johann Schmidt had worn in the Avengers Infinity War. You can wear it too for the same Nazi look, but if you are looking for something that you can reuse, then see the below trench coat.

Vintage Long Trench Coat

The plain classic style trench coat is equally acceptable for this supervillain dressing that would benefit you for casual winter clothing as well.  

Black Military Boots

Military boots are an ideal match to outline your overall Nazi military personnel personality. However, you can also pair simple black shoes with the coat.

Military Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are must part as the costume features all the winter clothes.

Captain Hat

Remember, Johann Schmidt’s figure would be misunderstood without a captain hat since he was a general officer.

Replica Revolver

Finally, take a replica revolver in your hand and pretend like a perfect Marvel enemy. 

8 – Kingpin


The evildoers are available in all shapes, sizes, and powers in Marvel comics who are always motivated to ruin the whole universe at any time.

Starting from the outer planets supervillain to the inner planet super-enemies, from a revenger to the mass murderers and devilish ideology imposer, we have finally landed in the metropolitan of crime spreader the Kingpin. This worst guy runs a mafia to create panic in New York City, where Marvel’s most prominent superhero Spiderman resides. 

Kingpin Costume

The Kingpin usually wears a white coat in contrast to the shirt and pants color, which is not specific. So we are taking the costume idea from the illustrated picture.

White Blazer

The white blazer should be the first choice when you are preparing a Kingpin costume.

Yellow Vest

We have picked a yellow vest, as depicted in the picture, although you can also change the color by purple.

White Men Shirt

For the shirt, you can also change the color and match it to the color of the vest. But remember once again, not to change the color of the suit jacket.

Colonial Jabot

The colonial jabot and cuffs are add-ons that you can either use or avoid.

Purple Pants Men

Do not spend your money to buy purple pants if you already have white or yellow pants in the closet. They would look cool as well.

Walking Stick

The walking stick is a symbol of Kingpin that you cannot neglect.

Pocket Square

The color of the pocket square handkerchief should be in the match of the color of your pants. Since we have chosen purple color, therefore the color of the pocket square is the same.

Puff Cigar

In the conventions, where smoking is typically prohibited you can take this puff cigar to pretend like a gangster. And yes, this item is also optional as the Kingpin doesn’t always smoke.

Black Shoes

For shoes, you have several choices in styles that include wholecut, oxfords, etc. but we suggest you avoid lace shoes.

Finally, we end up this guide here. Let us know by commenting below which idea are you going to pick from this awesome list to surprise your friends?

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